Cloud Secure365:
We are very excited to announce our soon to be rolled out all-in-one Cloud Backup, Sync, Archive and Disaster Recovery Solution. We are branding it Cloud Secure365™ and will be available early August if all goes well. The Deep Blue Backup website and Client Area have also been revamped & updated accordingly.

The new Cloud Secure365 solution is expected to be a game changer. Not only does it offer an all-in-one backup solution, but it will also have the best storage infrastructure (Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage), and will undercut the likes of AWS and others with it's storage-only pricing model. No charges for egress or api calls. This solution will include data deduplication, making backup sizes significantly reduced, saving you even more.

The final delivery will include a web portal, a software client for PC/MAC/Servers, and an App for mobile devices. The Wasabi data storage location for this solution will be in the EU (Netherlands) - there may be a UK option for this in the near future.

Business SecureUK:
We have re-branded the Ahsay LITE/PRO & CloudAlly (cloud-to-cloud) solutions under the new umbrella name of 'Business SecureUK' - this makes it easier for prospective customers looking specifically for backup solutions with UK data centres.

Ahsay LITE/PRO New Pricing:
We have also revised the storage price for our existing UK cloud backup for PCs and Servers (Ahsay LITE & PRO). Effective immediately the new rate will be charged at 10p/GB/month (instead of 12p/GB/month).

A new resellers page has been published on our website. Resellers will be able to buy wholesale and resell our Cloud Secure365 & Ahsay (LITE/PRO) solutions. A whitelabel option is also available at no extra charge. See more information here.

Your Reviews
We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have emailed us your positive feedback and constructive comments thus far. This feedback is crucial in helping us fine tune our services, and ensure customer satisfaction ongoing. We are dedicated to building a solid reputation, with honesty, transparency and integrity, and your comments are always welcome.

Given the nature of our business and the technology we have in place, we continue to be unaffected by COVID-19. All services are running as normal. 

Thank you & stay safe!

Keith A. Taylor

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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